For all those feminists who think that people only hate feminism because they’re threatened that their male dominance is being taken away, wake up!

For all those feminists who think women who are anti feminist have internalized misogyny or are only seeking male approval, listen up!

For all those feminists who think women deserve to be heard and their opinions listened to, practice what you preach!

There are plenty of women on youtube speaking out against your hateful behavior, and what they have to say makes sense if you’d open your mind!!!

If you’re a woman and you’re against the current feminist movement in the West, then reblog this and show your support!  If you’re a man, reblog it anyway, because equality!  And if you’re a feminist, well shit, tell us why you think feminism is still relevant and isn’t just a cult of hateful bigots!

Throwing away the entire feminist movement, because of what some misguided people are doing, feels to me like denouncing all of Christianity, or any other religion, because of what some groups are doing in the name of it. 

It doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t speak out about it. Some people need to realise that what they are doing isn’t right, and that they need to change it. THEY need to change, not the name of the movement. 

Well considering feminism is the reason we only have domestic violence shelters for women, and laws that lead to abused men getting arrested when they call the police on their wives, and the feminist that supported the tender years doctrine being the reason society views mothers as the primary care-giver (but feminists blame it on Patriarchal stereotypes) and the reason it’s legal for women to lie about who the father of her child is, and if he believes her for even long enough to do anything to support that child such as paying one month’s child support or anything like that, then he cannot fight it when he realizes he may not be the father.  It’s not even legal for him to ask for a blood test…

Feminism is responsible for so many of the fucked up views we have in society, such as the idea that men cannot be raped by women…and that women simply cannot rape (which also harms women who are raped by other women)!  It’s responsible for the rape hysteria ‘cos even Time magazine explains that the popular CDC statistics are skewed.

No, it’s not a waste to abandon a movement that’s the root of more harm than good.  You jump out of a car that’s rushing towards a cliff, you don’t try to change the direction it’s going.  Not when you aren’t the person driving…and frankly people like you aren’t.  It’s the radicals who are driving feminism off a cliff, and they intend to keep the status quo because it benefits them.

I’m sure your brand of feminism cares about male victims, and I’m sure your brand of feminism wants fair custody laws, and your brand of feminism wants honest reporting of statistics…but you should actually do some research from unbiased sources (basically anything feminist will report with skewed statistics) before assuming your feminism is represented by mainstream feminism.

I stand by my views, and so to see you will stand by yours, and i can’t change that. One thing though. You claim my sources are biased. Fair enough, it’s impossible to find any sources that aren’t in favour of either one side. And by that, so are yours. I hope you try to be just as objective as you want me to be.

I don’t see how counting “Made to Penetrate” as rape instead of sexual assault is biased against women but okay.  When I look into issues, I look for sources that are transparent about where they get their data, so that I can interpret it myself and see both sides of the story.

Sex politics isn’t an “us vs them” thing, it’s an everybody thing…so no, my “side” isn’t biased, because I’m not attempting to compete with women over who has it worse…I’m simply trying to make people understand that men don’t live in a hedonist utopia of sexism.

The fact that you think there are “sides” in the first place proves you have a fucked up view of the sexes.

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Stupid adorable characters

with their stupid fiery chemistry 

and their stupid obvious sexual tension

and their stupid perfect-couple-ness

Damn you. Damn you to hell.


do you realised that Sarah Paulson has been the only survivor in the three seasons of American Horror Story?



Watching the fault in our stars and then divergent really fucked me up. Shailene was ansel’s gf and then his sister. This some game of thrones shit.